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  • Smoke Purifier 20W -Mini Type
  • Smoke Purifier 20W -Mini Type
  • Smoke Purifier 20W -Mini Type
  • Smoke Purifier 20W -Mini Type
  • Smoke Purifier 20W -Mini Type
  • Smoke Purifier 20W -Mini Type
  • Smoke Purifier 20W -Mini Type

Smoke Purifier 20W -Mini Type

Item No.: WPC-26
bamboo duct length:60cm
Package size:30*30*32cm
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Smoke Purifier

Multiple scenarios: This fume cleaner is not only suitable for laser engraving fume cleaning, but also for filtering fumes and odors from soldering and other scenarios, bamboo tube + 60cm caliber exhaust pipe, suitable for hanging and laser shield. Flexible bamboo tubes allow you to place filters in multiple directions.

3 Layers Efficient Filtration&Replaceable filter cartridge: Activated carbon, HEPA, virgin cotton, more effective filtration of fumes and odors generated by plastics during laser processing. Pre-Filter: Trap large particles, such as dust and debris

Easy to install: The smoke purifier is designed to be easy to operate for everyone. 

High-Efficiency: H13-Grade HEPA (MERV16) Filter: remove at least 99.97% of particles with a size of 0.3 microns (µm).Activated Carbon Filter: remove VOCs, and odor-like cigarette smell.


1.What is machine warranty ?
1 year warranty for non-man-made damage, except for consumables and consumable parts ( Print-head )


  1. How many times can be washed ?
Its printing durability is fanstatic, it have been tested to wash over 50 times, and printing is still great!
  1. How many sheets film can print with 1 set inks ?
EP L1805 : about 900 sheets for white, and 1400 sheets for colored ink
EP L1800 : About 700 sheets for white, and 1100 sheets for colored ink
( All information for reference only )

  1. How many sheets film can be used for 500g powder ?
For A4 size: about 3500 sheets
For A3 size: about 2700 sheets
( All information for reference only )

  1. How long can we keep the inks/ powder/ PET film ?
Once the package is opened, it is recommended to use it within 6 months to avoid poor transfer effect due to moisture and other reasons.
  1. Why the poor color printout happened ?
  1. White inks got precipitated after few hours no printing. --- pls shake the ink tank gently before printing.
  2. Print-head blocked --- Process Head-Cleaning on computer
  3. Cold peeling or hot peeling ?
Both are available. For hot peeling, pls press the tshirt 5 seconds more, you will get great durability printed effect.
  1. Which model printer is suitable for this solution ?
    Recommended EP L1805, EPL1800.