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HPM-45 4IN1 Combo Cap Heat Press Machine
The machine you can choose the holder with different spare parts combinate with pen heating parts, cap heating parts, mug heating parts, mug heating parts to make a multi-function heat press for your different application needed. LCD touch screen cont
HPM 44 8in1 6in1 4in1 Combo Heat Press Machine
Beginner's best choice. Comb 8in1, combo 6in1, combo 5in1, combo4in1, Different combination spare parts for your choice, Let's start the sublimation heat transfer business or individual personalized customized printing by now! Contact us 0086
HPM-41 LCD touch screen 4IN1 Combo Mug press machine
Application to sublimation heat transfer, laser toner heat transfer, on ceramic mugs, glass, mugs, metal mugs, here are various size mug heating resistant pad for your choice, such as 3oz, 9oz, 10oz, 11oz, 12oz, 17oz, 750ml, all match the mug heating hold
i-Transfer®Environmental protection and renewable disposable lunch box laser transfer press printing
Normal digital color laser printing heat transfer on disposable lunch box. Customize your company and customer's Vision system.
i-Transfer® Laser transfer printing on Acrylic glass
How to do i-transfer laser transfer printing on normal acrylic glass with acrylic coating.
i-Transfer® Coating: roller heat press machine 360°  printing normal glass
How to do i-Transfer solution on normal acrylic plastic glass with mug press machine? - i-Transfer Laser Transfer Acrylic coating - normal Acrylic plastic glass - Multi Roller Heat press machine - laser transfer paper - OKI White toner printer -Hig
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